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    Meet Regulation On Fuel Consumption And Carbon Emissions

    Performax?, Hydrostrand? and other Owens Corning solutions help redefine surface appearance, or reduce weight without sacrificing performance, in Class-A parts, structural components, LFT/CFRT and glycol or hydrolysis resistant applications. Silentex(R) products help with efficient exhaust sound dampening systems.

    Performance Features

    The Right Solutions

    The Performax? range of products is specially designed and engineered for long fiber reinforced thermoplastic polypropylene (LFT, DLFT and CFRT), providing performance and productivity benefits to users. The Performax? SE4849 roving has been designed for hot-melt compounding process, and for pultrusion process to manufacture unidirectional continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRT) tapes.

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    Corey Melvin

    Structural / Performax - Single-End RovingContact Corey

    Danielle Hunter

    Engine-Battery / LifeMat - Non-wovens
    Exterior surface finish / Non-wovens
    Contact Danielle

    Ray Arai

    Exterior / Uniconform - MatsContact Ray